Maz Burn is 27 years old and from an ex-military background.

Having always been interested in fitness and especially bodybuilding she first completed 5years in the Army, competing in skiing, athletics, ice-hockey, swimming and entering various marathons and runs before leaving and pursuing her dream job as a mobile personal trainer.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later in 2014 that Maz decided to prep for her first figure competition.  After a long prep she decided she pull out. It wasn’t figure she wanted to do, she wanted to be bigger. The following year saw her gain 20kg and she decided to prep for the women’s physique class. By now she already had clientele on stage who were winning competitions and she was running a successful online coaching and competition prep company.

This time disaster struck and she broke her foot at 4 weeks out. Someone didn’t want her on that stage.

Not being one to quit Maz decided to go all out, managed to gain another 20kgs and was sat comfortably lean offseason this year at 90kgs! She competed in the Female Bodybuilder Class in July with Wabba, placing second and with an invite to the Universe. She has decided to gain more size and will compete again with Wabba next year, this time she wants a first place. For Maz her competitive bodybuilding career has only just started.

Her reputation to gain size and condition quickly means She now has a large client base around the world, from men’s physique class to over 50 men’s bodybuilding to women’s transformation classes. She also works closely with those injured and receiving rehabilitation work, having broken her back ski racing for the army in 2008 nothing can keep this women down.

Her attitude is very much all or nothing, and her lifestyle and passion is bodybuilding.