Ibutamoren MK677 (60) Caps

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UNDERGROUND LABZ Ibutamoren MK677 (60 Caps) 7mg a tab

MK677, otherwise known as Ibutamoren is a Growth Hormone secretagogue, it was researched and developed for the pharmacological treatment of various diseases such as MS, obesity, GH deficiency and osteoporosis.

This hormone signals the pituitary gland to release Growth Hormone, such as other similar compounds like GHRP.

Unlike exogenous HGH administration, MK677 causes a release of natural GH as opposed to synthetic recombinant HGH mimicking the effects. The primary differences between GHRP and MK677 are the methods of administration, GHRP has low bioavailability, and must be administered as an injection. Ibutamoren is very orally bioavailable, and thus can be effectively orally administered

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